Because of high cost of gas, more people are considering bettering the US train system. According to the New York Times, more people are using the train. Ridership has increased by 11 percent from last year. Many states are considering making 200 mph bullet train tracks, as a faster way to make it to a destination.

I think this is great because Europe has had a better public transportation/train system than the US for YEARS. I would be curious to know how many people have cars at MSU. I could find out how many cars are registered for MSU parking lots and also ask students if they take the train home and why. To find more information on trains, I would go to the train station located outside of campus. I would be interested to see how many riders they have, if it has increased, how much cost of train tickets are compared to gas prices, etc.



Lanie Blackmer



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2 responses to “Trains

  1. lme8

    It’s true– my friend and I just bought tickets to take the train to Kalamazoo to visit a friend. We’ve done this a few times, but it only cost $12 round-trip this time! It’s so much cheaper than driving, and we don’t have to worry about parking on campus. It’s practical for us too, since there’s a train station just south of campus.

  2. sarahcoefield

    That’s pretty nifty. It might be worthwhile to find out the feasibility of bringing bullet trains to Michigan. It would probably be very expensive for the state, and if it requires building new track it may necessitate buying a whole bunch of new land.