Election Day ’08

As I heard yet another political ad on the radio this morning (more than once) I wanted to rip my hair out! But then I realized that all of this horrible negative commercials would soon be over. Only one more day to put up with them. This election has created political extremes in our society, and I, for one, believe that politics should not be like that.

Politics shouldn’t be like a Michigan fan walking into the MSU student section, and that is exactly how it has become. At the iVote concert earlier this year, a former POW and competitor on the Amazing Race, gave a short speech and voiced his opinion on which candidate he preferred. As soon as “John McCain” came out of his mouth, the Breslin Center was filled with booing students. Everyone around was yelling and booing and it was just sad. 

I feel like these political extremes have divided our country and will continue to have a negative affect no matter who wins the election. Maybe I am just not into politics like everyone else is, or maybe some people have indeed gone too far. Whatever it is, it has ruined this election.

Either way, I’m glad I don’t have to see Paris Hilton in any more political ads. At least for a few more years.

-Taylor N


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