On Election Day

I was so excited yesterday. I can’t vote but I saw how to vote and witnessed this historic event with all American people!


Yesterday afternoon I went to the precinct in Wesley Foundation on Harrison road. It was about 2:15p.m. I saw only two people there voting. I had expected to see a long line of people waiting to vote. A little disappointed. I talked with Ann Jenkins, the chairman of this precinct. She told me a lot of people came to vote in the early morning. There were about two hundred people lining up when she arrived at the Wesley Foundation at 6a.m. She said the first guy in the line was a college student who arrived at 5 in the morning. Unbelievable! He told Jenkins that this was his first time to vote so he wanted to be the very first one.


I talked on line with my friends in China. All of them expected Obama to win the election. I asked why. One said she likes Obama because he looks young, handsome and energetic. One said if Obama wins, he would be the first Africa-American president in the U.S. history that would be very different. No surprise, Obama won. However, we should wait to see what he will do for American people and the world.


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