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Up ‘Til Dawn is a nationwide organization that puts on numerous fundraisers year-round to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital specializes in childhood cancer.

The motto of the student-led, student-run group is “Fight the yawn-stay awake to cure childhood cancer.”  

Since Up ‘Til Dawn started a program at MSU in 2004, they have been able to raise a total of $95,977 to help fund the hospital.

It takes $1.3 million to run the hospital for one day. Most of that money comes from public contributions.  With the help of these contributions, the hospital is able to pay for treatments, meals, living arrangements, and even transportation.

Everything is taken care of for the families whose children are battling cancer, even if they are not covered by insurance.  The goals of the hospital are to make families comfortable by taking their financial burdens off of their minds and searching for a cure.  

There are also many children who are treated as outpatients.  However, they are still given the same care and equality as those who are inpatients.  

The strong dedication that the hospital has toward its patients has allowed them to continuously come closer to their goal of curing childhood cancer.

See Cancer Survival Rate Chart 

This video is a great reminder of why Up ‘Til Dawn continues to raise money in support of finding a cure:

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