An uplifting look into the future

All around MSU, students and staff alike are buzzing about the inauguration this afternoon. Chris Nichol, a CAS advisor, was impressed by the speech today and thought it gave a positive but realistic outlook for the future of our country. Nichol also observed the emphasis on our responsibility as citizens and gave the speech positive remarks saying it was good and shorter than expected.

In an more emotional perspective, Shirley Bolden, a junior majoring in journalism, said she was so taken by the speech that she cried. Remarking on her emotions she stated that she has been a long time Obama supporter and said it was historic and moving. This was the first time she watched the inauguration and probably the last one she will watch, in her opinion. In regards to that actual speech she said it was very good and liked that he commented on how the journey ahead of us was not going to be easy or fun and it was a serious time and it was up to us as a nation to put in a collective effort to help our nation. Overall, she enjoyed this historical event and was very proud to have been apart of it.

Throughout the day, the opinions are mostly positive and the speech was said to be uplifting, even supporters of McCain claimed the speech was better than expected and they hope for the best in the future of this country.

Katie Masters


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