Bye Bye Bush

This is officially the first time I’ve actually sat down and watched an inauguration, and what a wonderful opportunity it has been. To see such a historical event and know that I will remember it all my life is so special and significant. The other night I went on CNN’s website and watched President Bush’s last speech as President. I thought it a wonder what words can say and cover up at the same time. Even though I do not agree entirely with what President Bush and his staff have done throughout their eight year time span in office, I will give him kudos for a classy and well written speech he had prepared. I am scared for our economy, but I trust President Obama; I know he will not disappoint. President’s Obama’s speech was graceful and he kept his calm after the Chief Justice who swore him in slipped up. But, bringing in 2009 with President Obama is the best resolution, and I couldn’t be happier with him as our President of the United States.


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