Inauguration Day Annoying

Inauguration Day, 2009 is a day that a large number of Americans are saying will make history. However, for 19-year-old sophomore Peter Linnehan, this is not the case.  Peter is originally from Washington D.C. and says that Inauguration Day is not a day to look forward to.  He said, ” I have no desire to return home for Inauguration Day. Everything is shut down and it’s chaotic.”  Peter recalls 8 years ago, when George Bush was inaugurated, he was much younger and wasn’t allowed to go anywhere on that day because of the insanity.  After asking Peter who he voted for, he replied that he didn’t vote because neither candidate impressed him enough to win his affection. 

Aside from Peter’s opinions, he still says that his parents, who currently reside in Washington D.C., are still going to attend.  They both are really excited for this day and are eager to witness Obama’s Inauguration. 

In reaction to Peter’s Inauguration Day views, I can definitely see why someone from Washington D.C. might be annoyed.  Thousands of people from around the world are crowding their streets and homes.  In a USA Today article, Traci Watson writes, “The crowds are likely to overwhelm the roads around the nation’s capital and the subway system. The vast gathering is also likely to strain law enforcement resources.”   Like Peter, I would enjoy being away from home during this day because the chaos may not be tolerable. 


Alison Berry


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