Inauguration Hype

Americans all over the country are in celebration of Barack Obama’s inauguration today. Specifically within our own students at Michigan State University. Many students are keeping up with the ceremony, and even some professors are canceling class just for the event. 

Joe Paquette, a civil engineer junior, is excited to be apart of such great history. When asked if it is right for professor’s to actually be canceling class for this event, he responded, “This is a once in a lifetime event in history.” Being an individual that had voted for President-elect Barack Obama, he was very excited about this pivotal time in America’s history. 

Another civil engineer student, Jon Libby, senior, is also psyched about today’s inauguration. A young individual that voted for Barack Obama, Libby is ready to see the change that Obama speaks so highly of. He is most eager about the Stimulus Package. He stated that being a civil engineer, he thinks this package will be beneficial to him as a student who is approaching graduation and beginning his job search.

Both Libby and Paquette thought it was crazy that people were making the trip to Washington, D.C. from MSU, and they both said they would much rather just watch the ceremony from the comfort of their own couches.


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