Just a formality

Although she plans on watching it, MSU freshman and packaging major Kelly Homelin has not spent a lot of time researching or following today’s inauguration of Barack Obama. It’s a historic day, but the suspense is over.

Homelin had spent a lot of her time following the election through TV news shows, newspapers and word-of-mouth. Now that she knows who’s going to be in office, there isn’t a huge incentive for her to follow the event.

Homelin is looking forward to seeing an evident change come with the new president, and hopes that Obama addresses the economy within the first 100 days in office. As a packaging major, Homelin also focuses on sustainability, but she feels that it’s a battle meant for young people to fight. 

“I feel like the younger generation has a better footing than the president and executive branch do,” Homelin said about environmental sustainability.

Sandy, an employee of MSU, has also not spent much time researching today’s inauguration, though it’s for a different reason than Homelin. Sandy was not happy with the outcome of the election and does not plan on watching the inauguration. But, she said, curiosity might kill the cat and cause her to turn on the television.

Sandy mostly gets her news from newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and radio hosts like Michael Savage. She prefers non-mainstream news sources because she doesn’t trust the mainstream ones, and she fears that they will disappear when “he” takes office.


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