“The future will be history today…”

Today is the day where we have all been waiting for; the inauguration of our new president Barrack Obama. Here at the Michigan State University campus, everyone is very excited. It seems that even the people who didn’t vote for Obama, are excited for the change but most of all to see what he is going to do.

Molly Maloney, 27 years old, is also really excited about the inauguration: ” I realize this is historical, and I am looking forward to what he is going to say in his speech.” Even though Molly did not voted for Obama, she is still going to watch the inauguration, however with a different perspective. “I think we are all to much focused on Obama as a person, he is just a piece of the puzzle. Eventually we have to do it all together,” Molly said. She also thinks that the other countries in the world are loving the fact that George Bush is leaving. “No one really likes Bush in the rest of the world, they think he is a cowboy coming from a rich family”. 

The people who voted for Obama are even more excited about this day. They are anxious to see what “their” president is going to do for America. However, Jenna, a student at MSU (20 years old) is not going to watch the show live on television. “I have to go to my class, and there are no facilities to broadcast the show in our classroom. I do not really care, because they will probably replay it for the rest of the year.”

It seems that everyone is looking forward to see what he is going to bring to our country. Both the future and the history will start today with the inauguration of the first black president in the United States; Barrack Obama.


Jantine Steinmetz


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