The 44th president of the United State was sworn into office today in Washington, D.C.  as the inauguration took place.  Barack Obama officially became president today as the nation had to say “bye, bye” to President George W. Bush.  The inauguration took place the day following Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A bit odd, considering Barack Obama is now the first African American President in the country’s history.  

The Presidential Inauguration was on every news channel and all over the Internet. It is fair to say that the Presidential Inauguration is always a big deal but it seemed like an extra big and important event today.  After the inauguration had ended, I went around to the Chemical Engineering building and talked with a few students and a professor and received their thoughts on the inauguration.  The most interesting person I talked with was Scott Calabrese Barton, who is an assistant professor in chemical engineering. Mr. Barton voted for Obama but said he would not necessarily consider himself an Obama fan. Mr. Barton thought Obama’s speech was excellent, inspiring and loved all the events that took place before and after the inauguration. Professor Barton also said he would like to see Obama focus on ways for alternative energy and to help normal people, not just big companies.

I personally watched about half of the inauguration and the best thing that I can say about it is that Obama is right about “HOPE” because that is exactly how I felt after watching it…hopeful.

-Tommy Valenti


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