A pow-wow of love

MSU is hosting the 26th annual Pow-Wow of Love at the Jenison Field House February 21-22. The weekend features traditional Native American singing, dancing and artwork, as well as an open invitation drum contest. This is the 26th year the event has been taking place. 

The event is being sponsored by MSU’s North American Indigeneous Student Organization so I would probably take an angle from their perspective to keep it local and newsworthy. I would talk to them about the work they put into organizing the event, what types of programs occur over the weekend and how they feel this helps celebrate their heritage.

I would try to talk to a couple Native American students on campus to get their views on the Pow-Wow, as well as some of the event coordinators. The Pow-Wow’s website listed contact info for all of the chairs and I’m sure that would be plenty of people available to interview at the Jenison. I know that February is Black History month so a lot of emphasis has been put on African-Americans in the news lately, but it might be nice to take the angle of a Native American student and examine parts of their culture. I think this is a story that could easily be picked up by a publication like the State News or Lansing State Journal. 

Other things I would try to cover in the story would be how the event has grown since it started 26 years ago and a review of some of the dancing and drumming.


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