Mobile Food Pantry warms hearts and fills bellies.

    For my first story I am going to report on the Mobile Food Pantry that will be distributing free food on Saturday, February 21.  The City of Lansing Human Relations and Community Services Department, along with the Mid-Michigan Regional Food Distribution Center, are sponsoring the event. 

    There are a lot of things I would like to cover in my story.  I want it to be informative.  I personally don’t know much about the program and would like to include some important facts like how often they distribute food and where people can go to donate their time or money. 

    One of my sources will be someone from the Human Relations and Community Services Department.  I would like to find someone that has been doing it for a while so I can ask them how this year compares to previous years in both donations and those needing help.  Another source will be someone that is taking advantage of the Mobile Food Pantry.  I would like to tell at least one person’s story.

    I think this story would be appropriate for any community publication.  I can see it being in the Lansing State Journal or a neighborhood newsletter.  I want to emphasize community most of all.  I want to stress how important it is to help each other out right now, even if it means going to Meijer and buying just five $1 items to donate.  I would like to remind people that that five dollars can make a big difference to someone. 

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