Gifting circles-2nd news pitch

My idea for the localization story are the recent “gifting circles” that continue to sprout up around areas of the United States, including Michigan and my hometown of Brooklyn, Mich. The gifting circles are seen as scams, and are in fact, illegal. Someone goes around and forms groups in suburban towns and gets women and only women, to join. After joining, each woman puts in an amount of money (thousands of dollars) which is circulated throughout the group. Each woman is “supposedly” going to get that money back times 1o or so.  The circles never last too long because they are either broken up by the law, or the heads/organizers of these gifting circles usually take the money and run.

I would get percentages of the women affected, and what areas it has hit in Michigan/United States. I would also like to talk to the Chief of Police for Lenawee County, where recent circles are know to be thriving.  I do know of some of the women in these illegal gifting circles as well women who have been asked to be in the circles and declined. 



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