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St. John’s Church on 327 MAC Avenue in East Lansing, Mich. causes a traffic jam on the residential block every sunday. From the looks of all the cars, it seems that many people celebrate Mass. Out of these people who attend mass on Sunday, how many are students?
Busy schedules, homework and jobs take up the majority of college students’ time. Carmel Santos, a pre-nursing sophomore, believes in her religion but has limited time to dedicate toward church.
“I am in a sorority on MAC and a Catholic, so you would think that I would go to the church a lot since the location is so easy too,” Santos said. “Being a student though and having limited free time makes it hard to go to church on a regular basis.”
Her opinion is also stated in an online young adults Catholic poll. CARA, Center for Applied research in the Apostolate, took a Catholic poll relating age groups to attendance. Results from the poll stated that young adults were less likely then older Catholics to attend Mass at the parish close to home and they also are less likely to consider Mass important.
The poll and Santos’ view on students and church relate by encompassing the same theme of students not making time for church. St. John’s Church was unable to mention ages of parish members. With these statistics and the knowledge of a average student’s work load, it is reasonable to believe that students have limited worshipping time compared to others.


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