More inconveniences for Bailey residents

Bailey Hall residents used to have a very short walk to the cafeteria at the main Brody building. Well…not anymore. Bailey Hall, one of the six halls at the Brody complex, now has fences and construction around it.  The fences and construction are making it so that Bailey residents have to endure extremely noisy work in the morning hours and walk approximately an extra 100 yards around the construction just so they can eat.

Construction used to be just strictly inside of the main Brody building. However, fencing and construction is expanding outside now toward Bailey Hall.

“We used to have a prime spot. This sucks and it’s annoying. Luckily the year’s almost over,” said Matt Pape, an accounting freshman.

Tim Knight, housing operations manager at Brody, said that the construction outside Bailey is the beginning of a major utility upgrade for the complex. Knight said he was hoping that the construction could have been held off until after classes but there is just too much work to be done.

-Tommy Valenti

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