Dance for a Cause

Charities around campus are not new to many MSU students. It’s achieving attention and acknowledgment that is the real battle for many organizations and clubs.

MSU Dance Marathon took the challenge and on March 28, students danced for 12 hours straight to help support building a new facility for MSU Children’s Health Initiative.

Dancers’ had many other opportunities to get involved by other activities that night if they had two left feet. A roommate game, a moon bounce inflatable and food and beverages were at IM Circle.

From 7 p.m. all the way until 7 a.m. dancers’ danced to a live DJ under supervision of the MSU Dance Marathon Committee.

Participants raised money by collecting pop bottles all throughout second semester as well as getting more people involved by creating teams so they could all dance together while helping a cause.

With the money the dancers’ collected, they all got to wear iDance T-shirts to the event, and the goal was met by making a charity recognized as a good time, not just a club collecting money.

-Carlee Henderson

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