Clowning around


Geology freshman Greg Ruetenik stood barefoot outside of South Case hall on April 16. He was away from the students playing volleyball, away from those tossing footballs or doing homework or taking naps.

Instead, Ruetenik faced the building and looked up as he tossed not one, not two, but eight white juggling balls into the sky.

And then he caught them.

And tossed them.

And caught them again.

Ruetenik has been juggling for seven years, since he was 11 years old. When the weather is nice, he spends about two hours a day outside practicing.

When they are nearby, Ruetenik travels around the country to International Jugglers’ Association conventions. Sometimes he also competes in the endurance competitions. He once juggled for 10 minutes at an endurance competition in Buffalo and got third place as the youngest contestant.

 Last summer, Ruetenik worked for the Lansing Lugnuts Party Patrol, and before the second inning of every game would go to the dugout and juggle.

 But even though juggling has helped him find employment, Ruetenik is not relying on it as a career. He just doesn’t think he’s high-energy enough to pursue clowning and he’s never met a professional juggler that makes much money.


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