Earth Hour Delinquent

This was the second year MSU participated in the Dim Down, a university event similar to the Earth Hour, which was worldwide.

While most students were doing all they could to save energy for the March 28 Earth Hour, Matt Marcantonio wasn’t conforming to that idea.

Marcantonio, an engineering freshmen, said he turned on every light in his room along with every appliance during the hour. 

“I figure it’s my birthday,” said Marcantonio, “I didn’t appreciate the inconvenience.”

According to Marcantonio, if he wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower on his birthday, during the hour, he would have been mugged underneath it instead of admiring it all due to Earth Hour. “A tenth of my birthday would have been taken away,” said Marcantonio. 

Marcantonio felt as though it was his birthday and he could turn on the lights if he wanted to. 

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