East Lansing School Board encounters transportation issues.

A later start time for East Lansing High School students could cause transportation issues due to the small number of buses available to the high school, said David Chapin, superintendent of East Lansing Public Schools.


Photo by Megan Murphy.

At the March 9 East Lansing Public Schools Board of Education meeting, a proposal was discussed to extend the start time for East Lansing High School.

If this proposal is passed, students would need to rely on their own transportation because of the limited number of buses, said Chapin. One option for the students would be to use the CATA transportation system that is so widely used around Lansing.

On April 16, the school board held a special meeting to discuss this transportation issue. Dr. Donna Rich-Kaplowitz, secretary of the school board, said the board is not sure what will happen in regard to this issue.

“We haven’t voted on the topic yet, but we asked a number of questions and we are specifically interested in a hybrid situation where CATA and East Lansing Public School buses share the responsibility of different routes,” said Rich-Kaplowitz.


Photo by Megan Murphy.

The school board is waiting for answers to their questions before they take a final vote, Rich-Kaplowitz said.

At the April 16 special meeting, no date was set as to when the school board will vote. There will be more discussion on the transportation issue at the school board meeting on May 4, said Chapin.

-Megan Murphy


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