Going BANANAs for a good cause

Friday morning, two bananas were handing out fliers to MSU students who passed by The Rock.

bananaSCOUT BANANA member during the MSU Homecoming parade
photo courtesy of Alex B. Hill

The bananas were actually two people in brilliant yellow banana costumes, but it wasn’t a prank. They were advertising for a dance marathon sponsored by SCOUT BANANA, an organization dedicated to helping better the conditions in Uganda. SCOUT BANANA is an acronym, standing for “Serving Citizens Of Uganda Today Because Africa Needs A New Ambulance”. It started in 2001 as an Eagle Scout project and has since then grown into a national organization.

promotional video for dance marathon, made by MSU SCOUT BANANA chapter

Members of the MSU Chapter of SCOUT BANANA stand out in a crowd, mostly because of their habit of donning sensational banana costumes in public. And on April 24, they sponsored an all-night dance marathon that took place in Demonstration Hall. The marathon featured organized dance teams and a dance-off. They asked for $5 donations that went toward building an after-school program for kids in Africa with HIV/AIDs in their families.

Visit the SCOUT BANANA homepage here.

– Laura Fosmire


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