MSU student featured on CNN

International relations freshman Ameek Sodhi was recently featured in a CNN video featuring people of different religions who wear head garments.

Sodhi is a Sikh, one of 50 or 60 that attend MSU. Though they are often mistaken as Muslims, Sodhi said that 99 percent of turbans in America are worn by Sikhs. The religion is the fifth largest in the world and originated in the Punjab region of India according to the World Sikh Organization. The religion requires men to wear a turban and leave their facial hair uncut, Sodhi said.

In February, Sodhi was featured on an iReport video on CNN that spotlighted four people of different religions who all wear headscarves or face coverings. The video was made in response to a story about a Muslim woman in Georgia who suffered a hate crime after wearing a hijab, or veil, in the courthouse. The report featured two Sikhs as well as a Muslim and an Orthodox Jew and was on the front page of for a few hours.

Sodhi also recently wrote an article for the March issue of The Spartan Review giving the top 10 benefits of wearing a turban, including “Chicks dig pink turbans, period” and “In the event that your oxygen mask does not inflate, turbans make superb floatation devices.” He said he has never been tempted to cut his hair, even though he has to wake up five minutes early to put it up.

“There’s always bad turban days, but I don’t ever regret the extra discipline,” Sodhi said.


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