Six Years of War

For the sixth time, the Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice held a protest on March 19 to mark the anniversary of the Iraq War.

Protestors gathering on Grand River Avenue

Protesters gathering on Grand River Avenue

It was a small, peaceful event, which you can read more about in my article, “‘Now go out in the streets and make me do it.’” But what exactly were they protesting?

More than 4,200 American soldiers have died in the six years since the war began, according to the Department of Defense, with more than 4,100 of those lost in the period since former President Bush landed on an aircraft carrier to let the world know the U.S.’s mission was accomplished. For comparison, that’s almost one in every 10 students enrolled at MSU this school year.

In 2008, just before the fifth anniversary of the War, the Washington Post released an article stating that the U.S. was spending about $12 billion a month on Iraq. Their prediction? A final bill of over $3 trillion. It would swallow the stimulus package passed in February several times over.

We’re not there yet, but the war isn’t over yet, either, and as it continues, the costs both in lives and dollars can only rise.

~Chris Galford

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