The car technology of tomorrow

President of Michigan International Speedway, Roger Curtis, recently announced plans of a new race course that will support a groundbreaking new car technology called connected vehicle technology.


This race course will be located on MIS’ 1,400 acres of land, and will be used by private companies like Apple and Motorola. These companies will be allowed to use the race course year-round with the exception of the NASCAR races in June and August.


This new technology that will be tested at the speedway will actually allow cars to talk to one another, allowing car-to-car communication. No, not quite like Disney’s “Cars” or K.I.T.T from “Knight Rider,” but more of a wireless sensory signal that lets cars know of certain types of hazards that could be avoided.  This could be electrical hazards, blind spots, intersection safety, or vulnerable road users that are in danger of being hit.  


Dan Dubois of MIS said that the vehicles would have certain ways of either alerting the driver of oncoming danger, or in more severe cases, actually controlling the car itself. Examples of this could be flashing lights on the dash board, a vibration on the wheel, or allowing the car to automatically break for the driver.


By: Eric Hadden

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