Tough Times Call for Desperate Measures

It seems as if today, most Michiganders are willing to do anything to help the economy, but is it fair to risk the health of others to do so?

Legislator Dem. State Representative Joan Bauer from Lansing is in the process of passing a bill that would completely ban smoking from all public places. Due to the approximate 50,000 adult nonsmokers that die each year because of secondhand smoke, people such as Bauer, are determined for the bill to become effective.

One may ask themselves what the elimination of smoking has to do with our current economy. Restaurants and bars may lose some business, but the three casinos: Greektown, MGM Grand and MotorCity, located in Detroit are the main concern for a loss of revenue.

“The three Detroit casinos’ state gaming tax revenue is divided up where slightly more than half goes to the state of Michigan and the rest goes to the city of Detroit. Every penny of the Michigan revenue goes to the funding of public schools. With that being said, if the casino’s revenue drops, so will the money for the schools,” Roger Martin, public relations director of Greektown Casino said.

Bauer has high expectations for the status of the bill to advance by June of this year. For more information about the smoking ban bill, House Bill 4341, visit

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