Who is Pauli Casalino?

Pauli Casalino is the up and coming clothing line that has reached the Lansing and East Lansing, Mich. area. The two men in charge of this line are Curtis Long and Nathan Johnson.

Johnson is the designer for all the clothing and he has been drawing for his whole life. When approached by Long about a year ago, he asked Johnson if he thought this was a good idea. Johnson then quickly drew up a sample for Long to see if their ideas matched up.


First sample design by Nathan Johnson

“Pauli Casalino means leadership and individuality,” according to both men. “Overall this line will relate to people in a way that allows them the ability to control their own identity and destiny through expressions of fashion,” Long stated.

The line is scheduled to launch in June this year. For more samples of Johnson’s and Long’s work visit Pauli Casalino’s page on Facebook or MySpace

To purchase Pauli Casalino products, Johnson and Long attend Small Planet in East Lansing, Mich. every Monday night. Their shirts run for approximately $15 a piece.


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