Supporting the Fight for Breast Cancer


MSU women’s basketball team faced U of M in the Pink Zone game this past February. The MSU- U of M game, along with all other Pink Zone games in the women’s division made a special mention to Kay Yow, the former coach for North Carolina State women’s basketball team, who died on Jan. 24 at the age of 66 from breast cancer.

Both teams supported the fight against breast cancer and Kay Yow by wearing pink uniforms, but do any of the players continue to support the cause after the day is over?

At the end of the day, the fight for breast cancer means a lot more to MSU’s captain, Mandy Piechowski, than dressing in pink. Piechowski’s grandmother, Helene Piechowski, has fought the breast cancer disease twice. According to her granddaughter, Helene Piechowski feels lucky to have survived after having both of her breasts removed.

“After seeing my 77 year old grandma suffer as much as she has, I try to do whatever I can to help fight breast cancer,” said Piechowski.

Piechowski and her sister participate annually in the Susan G. Komen walk in honor of their grandmother and all of the women suffering from breast cancer.

The walk is open for anyone who wants to help the fight against breast cancer. You can have your chance to be the next participant in the Susan G. Komen walk.


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