Downsizing Public Schools

In the past few months schools in Michigan have been closing due to insufficient funds. Detroit Public Schools have closed many of their schools in the area leaving many teachers unemployed.

This change  may not have the same effects here, but the schools systems will see a change in the upcoming school year in East Lansing.

At a board meeting on April 13, the board presented faculty with budget plans and development programs for the future of East Lansing schools. This was the first open discussion about future budget plans since economy has declined.

Jennifer Hmadi, a 10th-grade English teacher at East Lansing High School came to East Lansing from Detroit three months ago hoping for a better teaching program. Hmadi is not on tenure and is angry that she might be out of a job within the next year.

Schools are cutting programs,they’re  making classroom sizes bigger and even they’re cutting buses for field trips. This  issue of downsizing and combining classrooms would make more sense if there were more kids enrolled in the schools.

According to the graph on page seven in the budget plans and development projects presentation,  it seems that enrollment has hit a plateau since the 2006-2007 school year.

Hopefully schools can find better improvements for the students’ and teachers’ sake.


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