Grab your canvas bags it’s rummage sale season!

     Florescent signs littered light posts and utility poles as motorists drove sunny neighborhood streets over the weekend.  Thrifty shoppers could be seen following bold, black arrows and ambiguous addresses as they raced to get first dibs at this season’s opening sales.

signs, signs, everywhere!

signs, signs, everywhere!


     I am a garage sale junkie and proud of it.  I can spot a neon sign stapled to a utility pole 10 blocks away, and I’ve been known to pull a spontaneous U-turn from time to time.


There are so many good reasons to buy second-hand first!!!  

  1.   It supports the family or organization that runs the sale.
  2.   It saves things from being thrown into a landfill.
  3.   You can find some really cool stuff!
  4.   You often get the story behind something interesting you find

     To pay homage to my rummage sale roots I documented a few of the things I found in my travels. Check it out my slideshow

Kat’s rummage sale resource top pick!!!  Interactive map and multiple sale types!   


   Here it helps to search “garage sales” and “rummage sales”.  Both searches produce different results.

     Happy hunting!


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