MSU Dubai open house aims to spark hope for local job-seekers

MSU graduate Jesse Gabbard (second from left), shown on campus with colleagues at the DIAC

MSU graduate Jesse Gabbard (second from left), shown on Dubai's campus with fellow colleagues in the DIAC. (Permission by Jesse to use this photo was given)

This Friday, Michigan State University’s higher education program in the Dubai International Academic City will take part in “DIAC Family Day,” a free open house for potential students abroad.

In attendance along with MSU, representatives from eight other international universities located in the DIAC will give informative lectures at Family Day about the details of each program.

There will also be activities through out the day for both adults and children including drum circles, face painting and even sumo wrestling!

However, in the face of Dubai’s recent economic recession, which resulted in a suffering job market for Dubai’s college graduates, representatives of the DIAC will need to work especially hard this year to convince potential students from Dubai to stay and ride out the limited job market.

“Especially during such a problematic financial crisis, these open house events can be very effective in recruiting students.” Said Matt Hund, communication coordinator for International Studies and Programs at MSU. “Many local students don’t realize the potential the DIAC provides for young adults entering Dubai’s current job market,”

To see an interview with Avi Bhojani, the chief executive of Dubai International Academy, describing Dubai’s need for higher learning in their tough economic times, click here.

For more information about the MSU Dubai program in the DIAC, click here.

By: Jenny Kalish


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