MSU “Rescued” in Grand Rapids

story by Laura Fosmire

The rain was torrential the weekend of April 25, but that didn’t stop SWIC members from driving to Grand Rapids and camping out for hours. SWIC, which stands for Spartans Who Inspire Change, is a student organization dedicated to helping with global causes. And this weekend, they participated in a world-wide event known as “The Rescue”.

“The Rescue” is an event sponsored by Invisible Children, a non-profit organization whose goal is to raise awareness and funds for the situation of child soldiers in Uganda. For more information on the child soldier situation, and information on the war that caused it, see this page from the official Invisible Children website.

The purpose behind “The Rescue” is to represent the thousands of children in Uganda currently enslaved as child soldiers. Participants camp out and remain “abducted” until a media mogul, or a person with a substantial amount of influence, agrees to “rescue” them, by agreeing to donate a large sum of money or otherwise help bring awareness to their cause.

video courtesy of Chris, Invisible Children roadie
look for about 1:29 in the video… speaking is Adam Porter, president of SWIC.

At 3:01 on the afternoon of April 25, the wet but enthusiastic participants were finally “rescued” by Hank Meijer, CEO of the Meijer company chain known very well in the great lakes region. By “rescuing” the participants, Mr. Meijer and the company he represents agreed to assist the Invisible Children cause with funding and awareness.

Although SWIC members returned to MSU, other participants at the Grand Rapids rescue moved on to Chicago which, as of print time, has yet to be “rescued”.

In other major cities, such as Washington D.C., celebrities such as Pete Wentz gave their support to the movement. photo courtesy of Chris, IC Roadie.

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