MSU Study Abroad Office not too concerned about swine flu virus

622px-symptoms_of_swine_flusvgThe MSU Study Abroad program in Mexico is not too worried yet regarding the swine flu, said OSA Coordinator for Mexico Mark Davis. The Study Abroad program has eleven active programs running in Mexico. For now, the Office of Study Abroad faculty is  just waiting for the latest updates and medical reports.

The swine flu is caused by any strain of the influenza virus in pigs and the symptoms are similar to the flu. The first outbreak was found in Mexico last week  and has already spread over at least eleven more countries.

According to Davis, the students who are already in Mexico for Study Abroad are not too concerned about it.

“We are very flexible, it’s up to the students [who are in Mexico right now] if they want to go home or not,” Davis said.

Davis admits that the Study Abroad office received some concerned phone calls from students that are planning on going to Mexico this summer.

“We are trying to inform the students as much as we can,” said Davis. “We have been sending out a lot of e-mails with information to students and faculty.”

On Monday June 4, 2009, there will be an important meeting regarding the swine flu and the Study Abroad Mexico candidates. Faculty and principals will finalize their decision whether it is save enough for students to attend the program this upcoming summer.

Swine Flu cases

Swine flu cases

By: Jantine Steinmetz

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