Student Concerns Over the Swine Flu

            Sources like The Detroit News are reporting a possible case of the swine flu in Michigan.  With a disease that can be transmitted from person to person, how are students dealing with the potential threat? Student housing, like dormitories, are densely populated and provide plenty of opportunities for contact that could spread disease.

            Megan Spencer, an arts and humanities sophomore at Michigan State said that she does have some concern about the illness.

            “I think that there is reason to be concerned because it’s like arisen so quickly in Mexico and sprouted up in other countries really quickly and obviously it can spread really fast here,” Spencer said.

            Spencer said that while the close quarters of university housing would probably be an easy place for the disease to spread, people should not worry too much and instead take simple precautions.

            “I don’t think people should start freaking out about it, but I think that in this environment, especially living in a dorm, if someone contacted it here I think that it would spread really fast,” Spencer said.  “I think it’s something to be aware of as far as your daily actions, like washing your hands and just being clean.”

            Spencer said that she’d worried about previous illnesses and that her work with a researcher had taught her the potential threat of these diseases.

            “I used to work for a researcher who does work on bird flues or avian viruses and she was pretty convinced that the bird flu was going to happen, so I was really scared about that,” Spencer said.


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