Tightening Borders, Growing Fears

With the emergence of the Swine flu in mexico and the growing death count, countires around the world have begun to bolster their borders. 

As of today, 152 deaths have been recorded, all within Mexico. Fifty cases from Cali. to N.y. have been recorded, as well as a minor outbreak within New Zealand.

Other countries abroad  are enacting security precautions against the disease. Japan has begun to screen any incoming travelers from North America for flu-like symptoms. Russia, China and Taiwan will be quarantining individuals who exhibit the disease. 

Within the U.S, Cases have been reported in California, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, and New York. All the cases are of individuals who have recently travelled to Mexico or the Southwestern United States. The highest concentration of cases is within New York, namely a group of students from a Queens high school who travelled to Mexico for a school trip.

Twenty eight students tested positive for the disease, while seventeen exhibited symptoms. It is believed there are ten to fifteen new cases in upstate New York, all individuals who travelled to the disease’s hot zone. 

“All of our cases continue to be mild, with spontaneous recovery,” said Richard F. Daines, the New York state health commissioner. 

Two cases have been reported in Spain, and the total has been brought up to Eight in Canada.

Officials of the World Health Organization have raised the threat level of the disease from 4 to 3, indicating sustained human to human transmission has occurred, and the possibility of a Pandemic has increased.

Anti-flu drugs in areas where cases have ben reported have sky-rocketed, and the W.H.O is trying to dissuade this behavior, as drugs like Tamiflu will possibly be needed for the gravely ill.

On Monday, the C.D.C . has begun to distribute kits to other countries, so that they make their own diagnoses. 

Source: New York Times



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