Even with budget cuts, tuition might not increase

Michelle McCormick

On Tuesday, Gov. Granholm announced her budget plans 2010, including a $30 million cut to higher education.  The proposal will increase revenue by $685 million and will be decided on October 1st.  State Rep. Rick Jones expresses concern that MSU may have to raise tuition to make up for the budget cut, and state Rep. Steven Lindberg is worried the price of education may be out of the reach of the middle and lower class.  Despite fears of tuition increase MSU Trustee Melanie Foster said, “We don’t intend to increase it (tuition) again unless our promised funding doesn’t come through.”  The price of tuition was increased by 5.2 percent for the 2009-10 school year.  Within a month students will know if another tuition increase is on the way.  http://www.statenews.com/index.php/article/2009/09/even_with_budget_cuts_tuition_might_not_increase

This article has several of the building blocks of a relevent news story.  It is timely because the announcement occurred this week and the decision about the budget is coming up within the month.  It has a great impact on Michigan State students and their parents because it could affect how much they will have to pay for their education.  The article is relevent because of its proximity.  It was published in The State News, which is released in East Lansing, the location of its target audience.  It also has controversy because some people are opposed to the cuts because they do not want to pay more, but others support it as a way of putting more money in the Michigan economy.


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