To text…or not to text…

It is a problem that many people, especially teenagers, face when they find themselves behind the wheel when their cell phone starts buzzing and The Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow” ringtone starts blaring. The article in the New York Times entitled “Ford Backs Federal Ban on Text Messaging by Drivers” how Ford has become the first major automotive company to embrace and endorse the federal government’s decision to ban text messaging while driving. The article goes on to praise Ford for being the first auto-maker to take a stand against such a risky and dangerous habit and how the new ‘Sync’ technology that Ford has been developing and installing in some models over the past year has taken steps toward full hands free technology.

This particular article displays four of the building blocks of journalism, with the first being timeliness. The timeliness of this article plays into effect in the sense that this particular problem of texting while driving has finally led to 14 states banning the act of texting while driving over the last couple months and as early as a year ago. The fact that Ford is getting involved is timely enough due to the company’s recent economic shortcomings and are looking to regain public favor. The second building block to touch base with would be that of the impact this story holds. The problem of texting and driving has been around as the cell phone has become more and more accessible to the population. The impact is in how the federal government if finally taking action against it by banning and leveling punishments such as tickets against the act. The third and final block touched upon in this article is that of prominence. This article is prominent because it is the final product that most people who have been protesting against the use of cell phones and texting in the car because it shows that with the 14 states that have already banned it and the aid of Ford, there is progress being made, which is a lot more than can be said with other such problems running rampant in the country, but that’s for another day and another blog.


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