Taking Back the All-American Concert

Back from their world tour, the All-American Rejects have teamed up with  Taking Back Sunday and Anberlin for a U.S. tour. The first of this tour- MSU; the nearly 4 hour concert was held on Nov.3 in the Auditorium.

With approximately 4000 screaming fans packing the smoke-filled auditorium, the All- American Rejects were defiantly welcomed back to the states.

All three bands greatly encouraged audience participation, and this audience gave it to them. From screaming and jumping to singing and swaying, this audience made the concert a success- but the bands did help too. Anberlin started the concert with a half-hour set. Then All-American Rejects got the crowd screaming when their lead singer, Tyson Ritter, appearing with a sparkling bare chest and a ton of energy. Adam Lazzara, Taking Back Sunday’s lead singer, kept the crowd screaming till the end as he twirled the microphone cord around his neck.

The All-American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday and Anberlin continue their tour tomorrow (Nov 4) in Morganton, W.Va.


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