What will MSU do for Promise Students?

Governor Granholm signed a budget bill on Friday that eliminates the Michigan Promise. 

Now that word of the elimination is official, many colleges around the state are deciding what to do for students who will now not receive the promises funds.  Delta College decided last spring that they would freeze tuition until official word was given.  Saginaw Valley State University has decided to fund the Promise scholarship out of there general fund.

As of this morning, Michigan State University sent out a letter to its students effected by the promise.  This letter informed students that the university has replaced the now eliminated promise scholarship with a replacement scholarship from the school.  This scholarship will be paid for out of the one time federal stimulus money.


What does this mean to students?  How exactly will this scholarship be funded?  What is the opportunity cost of providing this new replacement to students?  What will happen for these students next year?

The above are all valid questions that students are likely to have about this new program.  This story is important, because students need to be informed on how money is being spent on campus, and how it may affect them.  The first people to talk to for this story would have to be the Office of Financial Aid, and then student reaction would also be necessary.  This story would likely be more for an audience of college students, and could go in the State News.


Below is the letter received by students this morning via e-mail:

Dear MSU Student:

Your fall account includes an interim credit for the state of Michigan Promise Scholarship. The state has not funded this program, so MSU has replaced your fall interim credit with an institutional grant, the MSU Promise Replacement Award.  Your spring Michigan Promise Scholarship also has been replaced with the MSU Promise Replacement Award. This grant is funded with one time federal stimulus money provided to MSU.


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