Gas Price Hikes

The New York Times published an article on Oct. 27th titled ‘Gas Prices Up for 2 Straight Weeks’. The article details how consumers across the nation have found themselves paying more for gas than they did over last year due to rapidly increasing prices of crude oil and the conversion of crude oil. I would localize this peice of news by taking an east vs. west approach on gas stations located on either side of campus.

 For the west side of campus, I’d pick BP and call a manager or district manager and ask them questions about their prices, trends they’ve seen.

 For the east, Admiral, because it’s slightly smaller and it would be interesting how it fares against a larger station. I would still ask them the same questions.

In addition, i’d monitor each stations prices over a week and them compare them to national averages during the week to see how this area is affected by the price hikes in oil.

– John Dinger


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