Localization story: Windows 7 and MSU

Localization Story

Idea: Impact of the switch to Windows 7 on students and faculty including technology departments.

Story link is here:

http://brainstormtech.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2009/11/03/pc-sales-spike-with-windows-7-debut/?CNN=yes if the link does not work.

The background of the story in an national context is that Windows has reported PC sales have been increased through Windows 7.  Windows 7 is a new version of Windows Vista.

The localization of the story on a campus level is the effects and transitions the technology departments and professors may be planning to deal with or have already dealt with in regards to this report.  If the professors already have Macs for classroom use, what does this mean for them in terms of using Windows 7? Can Windows 7 be used on Macs yet? It also raises the question if students who use Macs will even want to use the new Windows 7 when they already have the older version on their computer.   In addition, what about Angel with the new system?  Overall the whole peg for the local version of the story is the effect and impact, if relevant, this rise of Windows 7 could have on professors and students.

The contacts for this story would be professors in the computer sciences departments, students with either Macs or PCs and people who work on Angel and related services and the computer center.

Additional questions for the story would be the following:

1. Technical differences between Windows 7 and Vista.

2. Approximate number of students with PCs versus Macs.

3. Classes most affected by the sales.

4. Best Buy and their sales numbers of  Windows 7.

5.  Additional statistics necessary.

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