Medical marijuana could lead to millions in tax revenue

According to CNN Money, the state of Michigan could make up to 32.4 million dollars in tax revenue if it were taxed in the state. Michigan would rank 6th among all the states, behind California, New York, Florida, Texas and Ohio, respectively. The only place in the country that currently taxes medical marijuana is Oakland, Calif. I want to localize this story to Michigan, more specifically, East Lansing.

I want to talk to students around campus and also other people around campus to get a reaction from them about the projected money that the state could make from taxing medical marijuana and if it would be a good idea. Considering the way our economy has been lately and the debt our state budget has been in, I am wondering if people would be accepting of this new tax because it could bring so much money to the state.

This story contains lots of elements of a news story like timeliness, because of the economy, impact, because medical marijuana has been legalized here, and controversy, because taxation of marijuana is something that a lot of people might be against.


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