Michigan High School Football Playoffs Fever

The Michigan High School Athletic Association state football playoffs are in full swing and playoff fever is in the air.  Lapeer West, a high school from my home town, is in the playoffs and is playing at home Friday.  I plan to go to the school Friday and attend the pep rally (if there is one, I will call the school Wednesday to find out) and talk to players, coaches, faculty and students to see what they think about the playoffs and the upcoming game before it takes place.  I also will talk to the school’s athletic director and find out how much money the school makes off of the playoffs (if any), how the playoffs are beneficial to the school and any other important information.  I would also talk to the head coach and find out what he thinks about the playoffs and if success makes more players want to come play for the team.  I would obviously attend the game itself, and then after it talk to players, coaches. and fans again to get final thoughts based on whether the team wins or loses.  I’m not sure whether or not I want to do this as my story plan or not.


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