Pick Up Trash, Geocache.

The Cache In, Trash Out logo. Courtesy of geocaching.com

A fairly new sport called geocaching can allow you to find buried treasure and explore some new places. Almost as new as geocaching is a program called “Cache In, Trash Out” in which geocachers help preserve their geocaching playing field by picking up trash.

One group, “Fredericksburg Geocachers,” adopted a highway and in part, held a Cache In, Trash Out event.

“In past pick-ups here, we have been waved at and thanked for doing this,” said the geocacher (known as “Mr. Clean” on the geocaching website) who organized the event on geocaching.com.

According to geocaching.com, Cache In, Trash Out doesn’t need to be an annual event. When you go geocaching, simply bring a bag with you and pick up any trash seen along the way, simple as that.

Anyone may organize a Cache In, Trash Out event, which can be scheduled anytime of the year. Don’t feel like picking up trash? Just ask the 447th expeditionary security forces squadron of Baghdad, Iraq, who will be holding their own Cache in, Trash Out event on December 13, how to do it.

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