Recycling Made Beautiful

By Christina Miteff

Saturday and Sunday marked the 46th annual arts and crafts show at the MSU union. Presented

by the University Activities Board , 220 booths lined the first, second, and third floors of the union.

Hundreds of students and community members flocked to see the all the handmade items and to support local artists. The crafts displayed ranged from jewelry to knitted items, stained glass, mosaics, photos, and much more.

One crafter, Dawn Dotson, makes what she calls, “recycled glass bottles.” Glass bottles are placed in a kiln, and are cooked for eight hours. Once the bottles have cooked in Dotson’s special solution, they start to collapse and flatten. Dotson and her husband Mark sell the bottles, along with beaded utensils.

“They can be used for cheese, relish, or anything else you want, one customer even used it as an ashtray,” said Dotson.

Dotson and Mark have been showing their craft for the past five years, and sell their flattened bottles for $15 to $40 a piece. They get their bottles from restaurants, neighbors, friends, and past customers, they then clean and flatten the bottles. They accept orders from weddings , parties, and special events.


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