Apple’s New Patent

Picture this. You are on a date, getting ready to watch a movie on your computer. Popcorn, the perfect movie, your crush and…

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According to an article in the New York Times written by Randall Stross, Apple Inc. has applied for a new patent on a piece of advertising software. But this is not your typical pop-up dismissed by a simple click.

These ads test you to see whether or not you were paying attention, and they won’t let you return to your movie date until you prove that you saw the advertisement.

Carlin St. John, a sophomore in the hospitality business major, uses a Mac in her economics class. She said she would be against any implementation of the new advertising software.

“One of the reasons I bought a Mac in the first place was because there aren’t as many pop-ups as on a PC,” St. John said.

When told that the advertising software was created to reduce the cost of Apple products, she said that not having the annoyance of pop-ups outweighs the cost reduction, in her opinion.

To see what others think and show what you think as well, follow the link below to an online poll.

What do you think of Apple’s advertising patent?

-Matt Briede


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