Condoms sabotaged at Cambridge University

...Or, maybe it the this little guy (image taken from CheezBurger)

“There’s a hole in the condom.”

Is that one of the most frightening phrases an unprepared college student can hear?  It is if you’re a student at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

After noticing a hole in a condom and checking a few more, a third year student voiced this concern after realized half of the batch had been pierced with a thin needle.

According to the Telegraph, a newspaper in the United Kingdom, the condoms are usually distributed at the university’s student union, but had been stored in unsealed boxes in an unlocked cupboard in an office of the union.

The student who voiced the problem was given the condom by a welfare officer, and had only noticed the holes until after using it.   She said she noticed the wrapper had a raised bump in the side and checked it out.

“I held it up to the window and light just streamed through. I almost fainted, it was horrible and so irresponsible. They don’t know what they could be doing to someone’s life. It was a big shock and I’m still angry.”

The student has now taken tests for STDs and has taken advice on how to plan a possible pregnancy.  The student said, “Who the hell would do such a thing? And how would they feel if their actions led to someone contracting HIV? It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Many students are pointing the finger at the members of the Pro-Life Society at Cambridge when a similar incident happened at Kings College and was attributed to Cambridge’s Pro-Life Society.   There is currently no clear evidence of who or what sabotaged the condoms at this stage.

-Cristina Toscano

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