Deadmau5 at the Fillmore

By David Lowe

The Fillmore Theater in Detroit was packed for a sold out show on Nov. 21 when Canadian electronic DJ Deadmau5 came to town.

He, along with DJ Burns, a local act, rocked the old school venue by stacking speakers on stage and they accompanied their music with a lightshow.

“It was surreal,” said Miles Martin, a student at Michigan State. “My favorite part of the show was when it was dark and he was playing one of his classics, then all of a sudden all the lights turned on and you could see everybody in the crowd, dancing and enjoying the music.”

Martin also said that his favorite song was “You Need A Ladder,” by Deadmau5, a song that incorporates the theme from the popular video game Zelda.

Nathan Purchase, another student from Michigan State, was impressed by the concert.

“The show was life-changing,” Purchase said, reminiscing of the show. “I really enjoyed the venue [the Fillmore Theater in Detroit]. It was the coolest venue I’ve been to.”

“I thought Burns also did a good job. He got the show rolling by playing some classic electronic songs,” Purchase said.


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