Kendo Club Cost

Kendo may sound like a fun hobby.  Learning the ancient art of sword fighting and training in the techniques of the samurai seems like it could be a great workout and a great learning experience.  Until you get to the process of buying the equipment to practice kendo.

Then you find that kendo is not cheap.

First someone needs to obtain a bokken.  A bokken is a wooden sword used to practice kata forms, the basics of kendo.  You can find one online for a reasonable deal.

After working with your bokken you will need to purchase a set of armor and a shinai.  Kendo armor is designed to take the impact of strikes from the wooden swords.  Depending on the thickness and quality, the armor ranges from expensive to super expensive.  Shinai can be bought individually or in multiples in case one breaks.

After you have bought all your equipment you will need to find a group to train with.  On the Michigan State University campus, the Kendo Club and the one-credit kendo class taught by the kinesiology department.  The club charges membership fees and the class is the cost of one credit hour.

So after you have invested all of this money into beginning your hobby, you are ready to begin down the path of a samurai.

-Jack Nowakowski


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