Michigan State Bike Ordinances

Hit-and-run traffic accidents, concussions, scraped knees and a few bruises just for color. These are some of the dangers that cyclists on Michigan State University’s campus face as they ride all across campus going to classes, work and the occasional party or two.

What about legal troubles?

Ever think about the biking ordinances set up to regulate bicycle traffic on MSU’s campus? Chances are that it hasn’t crossed your mind lately, but if you’ve ridden a bike on campus then there is a good chance that you’ve broken one of the ordinances set up by the Board of Trustees.

Specifically, ordinance 33.13, which states in no uncertain terms that those who bring bikes onto footpaths or sidewalks must not ride them. They must be pushed on foot.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy riding my bike on the sidewalks. I believe it’s a lot safer than the bike lanes on the roads, and it’s more convenient, so long as you are courteous to the pedestrians around you.

Yet despite the fact that MSU has it’s own police bike unit with which it  is supposed to enforce bike and pedestrian violations, I have never seen a biker flagged down and given a ticket.

When I contacted the police and asked Officer Guadiano, a member of the bike patrol unit, why this was, he said that enforcing the bike ordinance just isn’t a high priority.

-Matt Briede


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