Valero Alamo Bowl

The Michigan State Spartans and the Texas Tech Red Raiders will meet in the Valero Alamo Bowl Jan. 2.  This will be the first meeting of the two football teams ever.  Both are looking for their first ever Alamo Bowl victories.   Michigan State lost to Nebraska in their only previous trip to the Alamo Bowl in 2003, and Texas Tech has lost their two previous trips, both to Iowa, in 1996 and 2001.

Both teams are lead by high powered passing games with both ranking in the top 30 in the nation in passing yards per game. Michigan State’s passing game will be severely hampered after the suspension of two of their top three receivers for their roles in a fight on campus.  Eight other players were suspened or dismissed from the team because of this fight.

Simply looking at the records of the two teams doesn’t quite give an accurate picture of the quality of these two teams.  Based on the final computer rankings of Jeff Sagarian of USA Today, Michigan State has played a tougher schedule than Texas Tech.  The average ranking of Texas Tech’s opponents was slightly over 70, while Michigan State’s opponents averaged nearly 66.  The average ranking for the teams Michigan State defeated was 94.3 while Texas Tech averaged 94.1.

-Jack Nowakowski

The ranking of opponents each team played, week by week


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